Wednesday, August 27, 2008

30-square entrelac cube starting from an edge

This is a model of a cube where the entrelac squares lie askew of the cube's edges. I have colored it in such a way that you could knit it with an interesting pattern. The knitting starts at the center and goes outward: 2 blue squares, then a ring of 8 orange squares, then a ring of 10 green squares, 8 orange squares and 2 blue squares (2-8-10-8-2). Each "ring" can be knitted with a single length of yarn. The darker lines on the squares show the grain of the knitting. Alas, it turns out that this is impossible to knit with the constraints I have been using for 3-d entrelac, that is, only one "seam" at the very end (where you have to graft the top of a square to a previously knitted square's side). After thinking about this some more, I realize that this cube could be knitted with two pieces of yarn, knitting half the squares with one and half with the other. Knitting with 2 pieces of yarn avoids the problem mentioned above, and enables knitting this with only one of the grafted seams.

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