Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sliding-loop entrelac with annotations

Entrelac with annotations, originally uploaded by fuzzyjay.

This shows the "pieces" of the entrelac knitting. Numbers show the sequence of knitting. Borders show the separate pieces of knitting. Arrows show the direction of knitting.

This is knitted with one continuous length of yarn.

Sliding-loop entrelac face

Sliding-loop entrelac face
Originally uploaded by fuzzyjay
This is the neatest possible join for entrelac squares. Not quite perfect in the corners; nevertheless the edges are quite unexceptionable.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Entrelac tube add elbow

Entrelac tube add elbow
Originally uploaded by fuzzyjay
Trying to diagram adding an elbow to an entrelac tube. An entrelac tube (with cap) can grow out of any entrelac square. This shows that it's possible to add an elbow between any two sections of the tube.

the diagrams on the left show views of the tube and with the added elbow. I needed a way to diagram the tubes flat so that I could work out the order of knitting the entrelac squares.

Any time you're knitting an entrelac piece you can substitute a tube (or a tube with elbows) for one of the squares. You'll be knitting up two sides of the tube and then across the cap of the tube and then down the other two sides, then you'll be ready to keep going.

I should knit pieces to explain this... of course, I lose most of my interest in the structure once I've worked it out in my head (and on paper).

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

30-square entrelac cube from edge, 2 colors

This is knitted in concentric rings of entrelac squares, blue (2), purple (8), blue (10), purple (8) and blue (2). One edge left to join, which is why the needle's still attached.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Cable Entrelac Hat

Cable Entrelac Hat
Originally uploaded by fuzzyjay
I guess I never blogged this hat. I left it on a bus, sadly. This is made from entrelac garter stitch squares with a cable done across the diagonal of each square. It was made with one continuous thread.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

30-sq entrelac cube from edge diagram with cube edges

This diagram shows a little better how the squares form a cube. The edges of the cube are superimposed over the squares that form the faces of the cube. The cube is made up of 30 entrelac squares. That makes 5 squares per face of the cube. Of course, 5 squares don't fit evenly into another square, so each face of the cube is made of 1 full square and 8 partial squares. The squares that lie entirely on one face of the cube are numbers 5, 9, 15, 20, 24, and 28 when the cube is knitted from the edge like this. If you knit the cube with 2 colors of yarn according to the diagram, opposite squares have the same color (5 and 28, blue; 9 and 24, blue; 15 and 20, pink).

30-sq entrelac cube from edge diagram

A diagram to knit a skew entrelac cube with 30 squares, 5 per face. Well, I call it a skew cube because the squares that make up the face are at an angle to the face itself.

I haven't knit this cube with this method yet, so don't quote me. I did figure out how to knit it from a model I made, so I'm pretty confident that it's knittable. The nice thing about starting the cube from an edge is that you can make pretty stripes on the cube by following the colors on the diagram. I'll show you later.
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