Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mosaic pattern diagram

Mosaic pattern diagram, originally uploaded by fuzzyjay.

Mosaic knitting patterns that can be knitted from four directions can also be enlarged to 3x size. Here you see that you can have 16 copies of the original placed around the enlarged and color-reversed copy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

yarnover on ravelry

yarnover on ravelry, originally uploaded by fuzzyjay.

Using the font I created on FontStruct. Writers of western European languages will find in this font most of the characters they need to write stuff in mosaic knitting. There are 189 different characters, most of which will probably never see the light of day as knitting!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mosaic knitting alphabet font

I created a font on FontStruct. It's a mosaic knitting alphabet, plus other characters, which you can play with on line or download and add to your computer and type with. Print it out at a huge font size and you can actually knit from it.
Here's the link: Mosaic4way.
And here it is embedded:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"sphi" in mosaic knitting

"sphi" in mosaic knitting, originally uploaded by fuzzyjay.

"sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow!" beginning

Minimal continous cable.

minimal continuous cables, originally uploaded by fuzzyjay.

This is one configuration of the smallest possible thing you can knit with entrelac where the cables appear to be continuous loops. The starts and ends of the cables are hidden under the cable crossings. The picture is my attempt to show a 3-d object as a diagram. The four squares in the center (marked 1-4) are the only ones that are actually knit. The others just serve to show how the 4 are connected on their other sides. When I work this up as a diagram in a computer program I will make that more obvious. There have to be four squares, because there must be one cable crossing to hide the start and end of the cables. But it is possible (I think) to make the four squares form a double-thick rectangle where there is only one continuous loop (this one has two.) I'm going to knit this up tomorrow. It should go quickly. What this could be used for, I dunno. A pillow?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

complicated entrelac cable

complicated entrelac cable, originally uploaded by fuzzyjay.

This knotty thing is theoretically knit-able and it would be possible to knit it in the round, which freaks me out to think about, and there is also a way to decrease in the less dense parts, so I guess it could be a bulky hat-thing.

I don't know, I was obsessed with figuring this out, and now I'm not so sure I want to knit it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Apart and together

Apart and together, originally uploaded by fuzzyjay.

I knitted the baby shape, then the Menger Sponge, before it dawned on me that they are complementary shapes. Here's how they fit together. The baby shape is over stuffed, so it's a tight fit. The entrelac squares are knit the same on each one though, 7 stitches and 14-16 rows.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Entrelac Menger Sponge (Cube)

Entrelac Menger Sponge (Cube), originally uploaded by fuzzyjay.

Well, it's finally done. Seventy-two squares, knitted together as you go, no seams and only one length of yarn. Only one edge was grafted together. Every other edge of each square is either attached with decreases to another square's live stitches held in reserve, or picked up from the side edge of a previous square.

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