Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Entrelac cube update

I'm at square 28 in a 30-square entrelac cube knitted from the corner. My mantra going into this was "keep it simple," so I'm knitting it in stockinette, and not attempting anything fancy. Of course, I'm great at complicating things, so I have tried different ways of connecting the squares, and instead of leaving stitches on holders and stuff, I'm using a very long (48") size 1 needle to hold the stitches, and also to hold the wrap at the end of every row, which I'm using as the points to pick up new stitches. Next one is going to be slip the first stitch on every row. Simpler. Still not sure what I'm going to use to hold the live stitches of the squares that are not going to be joined to other squares immediately.

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