Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Minimal continous cable.

minimal continuous cables, originally uploaded by fuzzyjay.

This is one configuration of the smallest possible thing you can knit with entrelac where the cables appear to be continuous loops. The starts and ends of the cables are hidden under the cable crossings. The picture is my attempt to show a 3-d object as a diagram. The four squares in the center (marked 1-4) are the only ones that are actually knit. The others just serve to show how the 4 are connected on their other sides. When I work this up as a diagram in a computer program I will make that more obvious. There have to be four squares, because there must be one cable crossing to hide the start and end of the cables. But it is possible (I think) to make the four squares form a double-thick rectangle where there is only one continuous loop (this one has two.) I'm going to knit this up tomorrow. It should go quickly. What this could be used for, I dunno. A pillow?

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