Monday, December 15, 2008

Entrelac cube variation 4

Entrelac cube variation 4, originally uploaded by fuzzyjay.

Video of the cube variation 4.

Minimal, perhaps. Two segments. First I knit a zigzag in lighter yarn, attaching the zigzag to itself as I went. This formed half of the cube: 3/4 of 3 faces and 1/4 of 3 other faces: (3 * 3/4 face) + (3 * 1/4 face) = 3 faces, or half of a cube (6 faces). Then I knit a zigzag in darker yarn, attaching the darker zigzag to the lighter colored zigzag and to itself as I went. At the very end, I had to graft together half of one edge of the cube.

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