Friday, January 09, 2009

It's never too precise

I am severely INTP.

  • I == Happiest in my head. Strong need for solitude. (Introversion over Extroversion.)
  • N == Love to discover patterns, structure, connections between ideas. (Intuition over Sensing.)
  • T == Objectively, I can understand how subjectivity is needed. “F” is supposedly the INTP’s weak point, but I tested on the fence. I think I have been forced to develop the F function by my personal relationships. Not to mention I’m 50, and some theories have you starting to explore your shadow side in midlife. (Impersonal over personal.)
  • P == Can you say “work in progress”? New ideas call to me seductively as I try to finish what I’m working on. (Leaving open over coming to a conclusion.)

The structure of the knitted fabric intrigues me. The representations, notations, charting, diagramming of knitting fascinates me. New ideas in knitting excite me (Norah Gaughan, Debbie New, Barbara Walker, Elizabeth Zimmerman).

My former partner was a weaver, and he is an ESTP. I remember reading somewhere that weavers are either pattern/structure or color/texture. He is the latter and I am the former. He is masterful with color. I am hopeless with it. I usually prefer to knit in one color of yarn and I am only now beginning to trust variegated yarn (I want a yarn that will show the structure of the knitting…) now that there are subtle versions of variegation.

Actually, I prefer charting a knitting pattern and letting other people perform the actual knitting. Most of my knitting is done to “flesh out” an idea and see if it actually knits up as I imagined it.

Most of my knitting is done with invisible needles and imaginary yarn.

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