Saturday, August 22, 2009

Subtle Decrease variation

These photos (and diagram) show a slight variation on the Subtle Decrease (anybody have a better name?) that I posted earlier.

The only difference is the way the two decreased stitches lean as you pull the loop through them.

I used wool this time to knit the swatch, so I could block the swatch to lie a little flatter. I also wanted to show how the increase/decrease line makes a good folding point.

I could see working this in the round, with one column of increases opposite one column of decreases, to make a bias headband or something. Edit: Oops. You really can't work this decrease in the round.

In this version, the increase is a little weirder to make. I'll probably make a video to show how it's done. With the other increase, you knit-1-purl-in-the-row-below-knit-1-into-the-same-stitch. With this one, you knit 1, widen the loop and manipulate it in a way that's hard to describe. Anyway.

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