Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mosaic Knitting Alphabet

I think I posted about this before, but here is a font I created on the FontStruct website called Mosaic4way. It’s a font you can use to create writing in mosaic knitting. I call it Mosaic4Way because you can knit from the alphabet in any direction. Three of the directions (top, bottom, left) are depicted below.

Click on the picture below (or the following link) to be taken to the page where the font is hosted on Fonstruct. You can download it for free and use it freely for non-commercial purposes. You should give me credit if you share any patterns that use it, and ask permission if you want to use it for commercial purposes.

If you need help to install your new font, follow this link to FontShop's font installation instructions.

Here's a screen shot of all the characters in the font (click to get bigger sizes). I can't remember, but I think I did all the Western European letters, so there is plenty of accented goodness, but Eastern European alphabets users are likely out of luck. Hey, but there is a Euro symbol!

Mosaic4Way character set

Here's some knitting done with the font:

Yarn store sign knitted outImage by fuzzyjay via Flickr

Image by fuzzyjay via Flickr
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