Thursday, March 17, 2011


reventrelac, originally uploaded by fuzzyjay.

I'm experimenting with entrelac squares that are half-and-half knit and purl. This fabric would look the same on both sides, except it would be mirror-reversed. The pink arrows show the direction of knitting the squares. Black is reverse-stockinette, white is stockinette fabric.

When a stockinette fabric meets a reverse-stockinette fabric across the boundary of an entrelac square, the fabric is continuous, that is, there is no ridge. This gives some interesting effects in the fabric, making it hard for me to predict how a fabric will look once knitted out.


  1. Jay! You evil (in a good way) genius - your diagrams always make my brain hurt a little bit..... yet I come back for more. :) When I see entrelac my brain inevitably flicks to you. Hope you are well! -F

  2. Thanks! I like this stuff, it's fun to explore.

  3. I just discovered your blog and thank you for all the charting and diagramming techniques you've developed. I've started trying to diagram or chart patterns that don't come with either and once I give your blog a more thorough reading this will probably save me a lot of time and grief.

    Thank you,


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