Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gauge Swatches and Hats

Gauge swatches are only useful if you want to fit a hat to a particular head. I give no gauge for most patterns here. Knit the pattern in (a) yarn you like using (2) needles that feel comfortable for that yarn.

If you don't like the way the knitting feels, rip out and start over. This should be pleasant knitting! Use the yarn you like. Vary the needle until the knitting is pleasant! There! There will be no excuses accepted for tight knitting. Use a hugely bigger-diameter needle until you get the fabric you want. I have no control over whether the stitches are tight and won't easily slide over the needles, except to make one gentle admonition... do not squush the stitches together on the 'take-up' needle (usually the Right needle when you are knitting the usual way).

Another way to avoid tight stitches on the 'let-go' needle (usually the Left needle when you are knitting the usual direction) is to use a Smaller Needle on the Let-Go side. Stitches slide off and are taken up gratefully by the Take-Up needle.


  1. Hi, love your posts. Are you still knitting/posting? I cannot seem to join. And am very interested in what you do with wool and needles. Warm regards from Amsterdam, Myrte

  2. Help! I'm trying this as well I love the pattern!! I cast on 37 stiches, (3 of 12 +1 right?? or should it have been 39???). I'm on the second row and it's not working out! What did I do wrong????

  3. Brandy Rutledge6/02/2015 9:02 AM

    you could always call it the trellised argyle stitch ;) Beautiful work and most lovely of you to share


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