Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cabled entrelac Greek Key

Cabled entrelac Greek Key, originally uploaded by fuzzyjay.
How to do a continuous, sinuous cable using entrelac squares. The cable travels across the diagonals of some of the squares.

Previous posts explain the meaning of the arrows and the numerals. The green lines represent the repeat of 18 entrelac squares (15 squares + 6 half-squares [triangles]).

Three repeats are shown. The left repeat has 16.5 squares (12 squares + 9 half-squares) and the right repeat has 19.5 squares (15 squares + 9 half-squares).

All three repeats add up to 3 × 18 squares or 54 squares (42 squares + 24 half-squares, which is why the numberals go up to 66).

Here are some pieces I've knit that include the continous-cable idea in entrelac. Click the picture to go to the Flickr page for the item:

Cabled Entrelac Ball III
60-square cabled entrelac ball
Minimal cabled entrelac cube
Cable Entrelac Hat
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  1. Wow! My IQ is supposed to be "up there."    Yours is waaay up there. Thanks for the ideas. Now, if I can only work my brain around them!


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