Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ways to join knitted pieces

Joining a piece already knit to one you are knitting, in parallel or perpendicularly.

Edge of existing pieceEdge of piece being knitWays to make the joinDiagram
SideSideSliding-loop (Rick Mondragon), sewn seam.
SideBottomPicking up stitches from a selvedge.

SideTopPerpendicular grafting, sewn seam, chaining-up1 .

TopSideEntrelac join (ssk or p2tog), sliding loop (me)2 , sewn seam.

TopBottomKnitting from held stitches, grafting.

TopTopGrafting, three-needle bind-off, sewn seam.

Bottom (some techniques require loops be freed from provisional cast-on)SideEntrelac join (ssk or p2tog), sliding-loop (me), sewn seam.

BottomBottomKnitting from freed cast-on loops, grafting, "aligned pickup from cast-on edge"3 .

BottomTopGrafting, sewn seam.


1 This is a new technique I developed, to be described in more detail later. Basically, on the existing piece, you ladder-down the edge stitch column, freeing a loop for every two rows of the existing piece. You then chain up these loops while working together with each loop a free stitch from the current piece.

2 To be described later.

3 See blog entry: "Picking up and knitting from a cast-on edge."
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