Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Perfecting the perpendicular pickup -- just the video, ma'am

I uploaded my latest video to YouTube, and I requested that YouTube create a machine-transcribed caption file for it. Wow, pretty amusing. As in all machine transcriptions, it was pretty weird. Could have something to do with my mumbling, maybe.
Anyway, I downloaded edited that file and uploaded the real thing. I am all about the closed-captioning. I love me some deaf knitters, and knitters who don't speak English as a first language will probably have better luck understanding the captions than my slurry words.
Does anybody use an on-line service for this? I remember reading something about Google making it easier to caption their videos, but my Google-fu is not working for this.
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  1. Hi,

    I try your method and put result on my Ravelry page :
    I think it could be useful for socks' heel but need a try to see if the small line of "holes" is not a problem.

  2. I will try something else to make the technique clearer. Maybe diagrams would work better. Thank you for trying it and posting your results.

  3. Wanted to say hello and let you know what a great site you have.

  4. Hi Jay,

    wow, I am in awe! rushing to try this technique on the entrelac piece I started recently...
    Kathe, Denmark

  5. Thank you for all your tips and tricks. Your homepage is now in my favorites.
    Agneta in Sweden


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